Randalph’s Spiritual Quest and Search for Meaning Series is a Welsh Government commissioned resource to support Religious Education for 8- to 11-year-old learners in the Curriculum for Wales 2022.

The pedagogical approach illustrated in this series aims to inspire teachers to be creative and confident when developing meaningful and challenging Religious Education in the school curriculum. Devised for the new learning context in Wales (in which teachers and schools are given greater autonomy in curriculum organisation and selection of content) the open, enquiry-based approach of Randalph’s Spiritual Quest and Search for Meaning makes the series relevant to Religious Education across schools in Wales, as well as England and further afield.

The St Mary’s Centre, Wales, is actively engaged in academic research concerning young people, religion and education, and this expertise informs practice in all our curriculum development projects, including Randalph’s Spiritual Quest and Search for Meaning Series.

A Guide for Teachers

A Guide for Teachers includes:

  • An introduction to Religious Education
  • Religious Education in the Humanities
  • Concepts and Religious Education
  • The language of Religious Education
  • An introduction to Randalph the Wise
  • An introduction to the storybook resources
  • Useful links for the storybook themes

Please note that A Guide for Teachers was written before the publication of the Welsh Government statutory guidance for the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience in January 2020 and before the Welsh Government guidance ‘Framework for Religious Education’ has been published. A Guide for Teachers will be updated as soon as the ‘Framework for Religious Education’ is available.

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