Randalph the Wise sat in his chair, scratched his old grey head, and thought about the very big question. “What really matters?” he asked the empty room in a deep, booming voice.

… It was in this way that Randalph the Wise began his spiritual quest and search for meaning.

The Travels of Randalph the Wise

Randalph the Wise is searching for answers to the very big question. He wants to know, ‘What really matters?’ This question takes Randalph the Wise on a journey through Wales.

On his travels, he finds some special places and people to help him with his quest. In many ways, this is only the beginning of a journey, as Randalph the Wise challenges us to engage with the very big question ourselves, and to start new journeys of our own.

Join Randalph the Wise on his travels by:

  • reading his stories;
  • watching his films;
  • and listening to his music.

So, what really matters?

Bringing Health and Healing

Caring for the Future

Living with Nature

Making Spiritual Journeys

Remembering the Past

Serving Others